Friday, February 18, 2011

Something More Positive

Now that I'm heading to my second year of class in my apprenticeship I want to share some pictures from the first 3,000 hours
This is a Head Start bus with a no smoking sign in the window. Huh?
There are always things that can make me laugh because they look like something else. Funny
Like this ceiling grid piece. Funny
Changing street lamps on a cold, but beautiful December morning with the Mendenhall Towers in the background. Neat-o
This is me hooking up temporary power at a work site. Cool
One of the first panels I made up. Pride
We went to a remote island to hook up monitors on two 20,000 gallon diesel tanks for a radar station. We took a float plane to get there and spent the nights in a tent for about a week. Wow

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jay Quitler

I recently lost a bet and am hereby required to post a new post.

So it will be about the thing that has occupied my thoughts more than anything else since Sunday: Da Bears. The biggest game in the storied rivalry two of the most storied teams in professional sports. Few rivalries bring to mind such vivid memories and anticipation as match ups like Yankees Red Sox, Brazil Mexico (for soccer fans), USSR vs USA, and Bears Packers.

I've been a little obsessive about this loss. It was such a big game and it was such a big loss. My first reaction was to hate Cutler, hope for his trade or retirement or even hope that this was a much bigger injury than how it appeared. I assumed he was a quitter. This wouldn't be the first time I think he quit this season. Go back to the Giants Sunday night destruction of the Bears. Even though he was sacked at least a half dozen times, none were extremely brutal. But apparently he had a concussion and was unable to make it out of the locker room for the second half. Ok fine. I've had a concussion but was knocked unconscious and was taken off the field in an ambulance. I didn't play another series and then decide that I didn't want to go back on the field. I broke my ankle during a game and after missing only one game I played the rest of the season on it. So my indignation was a little bit justified, at least in my own mind, and this is apparently an opinion shared by a majority of the people who saw this game.

But that having been said, let's just assume that this was a legit reason for sitting out the biggest game in the entire existence of your team. A sprained knee. Which is technically a really teeny tiny tear. Let's say that it really hurt and he didn't feel like he could be effective. Let's just say that's the truth (after a few days to cool down it sounds a little bit more reasonable). Here is the problem with Cutler. People think that he would quit in a big game. We don't know him in any other facet than watching his demeanor on the field. But in that little bit which we know about him we are more willing to accept that he gave up than he couldn't go. His apparent indifference to the game after his departure was appalling, but it was consistent with the way I have perceived his attitude throughout the year.

The Bears players and coaches are quick to jump to his defense and I think that's exactly how they should behave. It's strong enough defense to make me question what I see when I watch the games. But the simple fact remains that they are in a public relations business and as my brother says, "perception is reality." The fact that this assumption has been made by so many people speaks to the collective perception of Jay Cutler. We don't get to meet him, so the judgement we make is based on our behavioral observations and his performance. So we perceive his as a smug, indifferent and ineffective prima donna who chokes under pressure and who does anything BUT get going when the going gets tough.

It's the same reason I am still not entirely convinced that this picture is a fake

Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer in Juneau

My godson is learning how to sail the seas and become a salty pirate dog. When he gets to college he'll study ARRRRRRRchitecture.
Thanks for the cheese ball joke Katie Conant

Monday, May 24, 2010

Welding Class

getting ready for excellence
Excellence in the making!
Wait for it...

I'm still up in Anchorage for class. 7 weeks per year. I'm doing well in classes and more than anything I am looking forward to getting done and heading back to Juneau.