Friday, February 18, 2011

Something More Positive

Now that I'm heading to my second year of class in my apprenticeship I want to share some pictures from the first 3,000 hours
This is a Head Start bus with a no smoking sign in the window. Huh?
There are always things that can make me laugh because they look like something else. Funny
Like this ceiling grid piece. Funny
Changing street lamps on a cold, but beautiful December morning with the Mendenhall Towers in the background. Neat-o
This is me hooking up temporary power at a work site. Cool
One of the first panels I made up. Pride
We went to a remote island to hook up monitors on two 20,000 gallon diesel tanks for a radar station. We took a float plane to get there and spent the nights in a tent for about a week. Wow


justin said...

thanks for the pictures. they made laugh, think, and cry. well not think or cry.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I'm surprised Justin didn't comment on your first panel.

Then again, he didn't laugh or cry. Good sign.